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The stereotype image of India such as a land of snake charmers and trumpeting elephants is now a thing of past. Far from being mostly a historical and cultural tourist destination for a long time, India has now emerged as an important travel destination for discerning adventure sports enthusiasts in recent years.

India is arguably the only country in the world, which offers such a sheer variety of adventure opportunities. And surely enough, this diversity is utterly amazing - from heli-skiing and rock climbing in the mighty Himalayas to river-rafting in the white waters of the raging Ganga, Teesta or Indus; from ballooning and hang-gliding over the great Indian plains to an exotic encounter with the camel-safaris in the vast expanse of the Thar desert of Rajasthan; from tracking the legendary Royal Bengal Tiger on the backs of elephants to trekking in the Himalayan ranges - the options are endless.

Some of the most popular adventure sport activities are listed below (Click the hyperlink for more information)

Angling and Fishing | Cycling and Motor Biking | Camel Safari | Mountaineering | Watersports | Skiing | Trekking | Wildlife Safari

Angling And Fishing
With the abundance of coastline and inland waterways, India is the perfect destination for all types of angling and fishinFishingg holidays. Among the notable adventure activities offered by India are angling and fishing. The Indian coastline, sprawling over a distance more than 7,500 km long, is washed by some of the clearest and cleanest seas in Asia. Its sheer variety offers unlimited opportunities to the sea angler, who can find somewhere to fish all year round. India is home to several rivers that meander through the vast expanse of the Gangetic Plains. Added to this, many important rivers flow down the peninsular South India. As most of the north Indian rivers originate from the high reaches of the mighty Himalayas. As a result they are snow-fed and are full of water throughout the year. The clear waters of these raging rivers and their tributaries offer excellent angling and fishing spots that are enchanting in their supreme scenic beauty of the mountain, They also offers a variable feeding and breeding ground for a number of different varieties of fish. The adventurous settings for angling and fishing range from the majestic Himalayan valleys, snow-fed streams and high altitude lakes to the wide coastal stretches of the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

The Golden, the Silver, the Silver Grey and the Black Mahseers are all preys worthy of any fishing aficionados attention. You can also hook the crafty trout or the menacing shark in the rivers and seacoasts of India. Two varieties of trout, namely the rainbow trout and the brown trout, exist in India.

Fishing and angling in India go hand in hand with conservation, and after having caught your fish, shot your picture and recorded its weight it is best to release it into the water again. The Indian Protection laws rule that conversation of animal life is mandatory with this adventure activity. Anglers from across the world throng to India trout fishing in the rushing waters of the clear water streams and high altitude lakes of the upper Himalayas.

There are several fresh water lakes, which provide excellent spots for the fishing and angling activities. Dodital Lake surrounded by the Himalayan peaks is a fine place for a catch. The Cauvery Fishing Lodge near Mysore is noted for Mahseer. The hill stations of Munnar make for perfect places for fishing in the gurgling streams of Kerala. However, Kashmir is the undisputed paradise for the angler. Early mornings and late evenings are best times to indulge in this sport. If you want to combine fishing with another adventure sport, you can indulge in trekking. Here you will have the opportunity to fish in some of many high altitude lakes that are located at an altitude of 14,000 ft.

An angling and fishing adventure-holiday in India provides a unique opportunity to remain in close touch with nature and free yourself from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Those who want to remain in solitude can enjoy the pristine beauty of the riversides and spend hours in quiet contemplation. So it can be said with absolute certainty that if you are looking for the ultimate angling and fishing destination, India is the answer to your search. It provides you with an endless array of alluring and thrilling options to choose from.


Cycling and Motor Biking
CyclinCyclingg or motor biking in the Coolest Himalayas in India can be quite an experience for you. A cycle ride across the world's highest mountains dotted with green valleys, snow capped high peaks, the deodars has the potential of touching the adventure freak in anybody. But you should try your hands at this adventure activity only if you are one of the tough Harley Davidson role model types.

As a matter of fact there is no better way to experience the local culture of a place than by actually cycling through it. You will have the opportunity to stop at the towns and villages to get a deep insight into their way of life. There can be no two thoughts about the fact that motor biking through a place is a unique way of experiencing the local tradition and culture of a place. Added to this, the astonishing scenic grandeur of the breathtaking Himalayan milieu will make your adventure holiday worth remembering all through your life.

Some of the best places for cycling and mountain biking in the Himalayan region of India are in the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. These states are replete with great scenic beauty and are treasure-troves of exciting routes, some of them discovered and while others waiting to be explored.

It is mandatory to obtain clearances beforehand, as there is danger of security being jeopardized, because majority of the Himalayan peaks borders with the neighboring countries.

There exists many numbers of picturesque less frequented routes in the mountainous region of India. Cycling through the Tarai forests along the foothills of Nainital and Himachal Pradesh is an experience which defies description. These stretches offer exceptionally beautiful areas for the mountain cycling and biking adventurers. The leisurely pace of the ride through the verdant valleys, the environs almost devoid of pollution, the sparsely trafficked roads - all these combine to make cycling and motor biking in the Himalayas a an experience worth remembering.


Camel Safari
To sail through your holidays, how about an adventure in the golden glowing sands? In case the idea of traveling on the sand under the open sun excites you we have just the right offer for your next great Indian Holiday. Come and experience the Great Camel SafariIndian Desert of Thar in a truly unbelievable way, travel by camel safari, cook by the campfire and sleep under the bare stars.

While meandering through the golden landscape of the Thar Desert, you will come face to face with the rich heritage, culture and the colorful lifestyles of the royal state of Rajasthan. Camel has been an integral part of the desert life. It comes to the rescue of the desert people who have to wander miles in search of water. Added to this the easy pace of the safari on a camel back will provide you an opportunity to enjoy and observe the minutes of the land of forts, citadels, colors and enchanting people.

The camel safari adventure in the Indian desert has the caught the tourist's attention and is on the way of becoming the most popular adventure holiday in India. It has proved to be one of the most perfect ways to know and understand India. Traveling through the desert will be reminiscent of the rapidity and the spirit of the intruding armies, which led their invasion innumerable times through these deserts.

The desert safaris in India revolve primarily around the princely states of Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Bikaner. A typical safari comprises traveling to the architectural ruins of Lodurva located in the vicinity of Jaisalmer, the sand dunes of the Samm, the oasis at Anasagar and the water source of Moolsagar. It is sure to be a once in lifetime experience of the desert rural Indian life and traditional hospitality.


MountainMountaineering eering
Mountaineering in India offers you the choice of climbing some of the highest peaks in the world. You can have the wild experience of mountaineering in many muntain ranges like Satpura, Western Ghats (Sahyadri), Nilgiri etc., however, challenging the mighty Himalayas offers endless adventure, cultural learning and recreation opportunities. Mountaineering and climbing in the Himalayas on some of the world's greatest peaks is the experience of a lifetime. It also provides opportunity to see some of the highest permanent settlements in the world, unveiling preserved cultures and a way of life inimical to modern times.

The sport of mountaineering in India was introduced by the Europeans in the 18th century. Though for many mountaineering is an adventure sport, there are others for whom it is a serious hobby.

India has been blessed with several mountain ranges that are perfect to undertake mountaineering. You can take your pick from the countless peaks in India and even choose your own trekking route for an adventure holiday in India. In case you are seriously planning an adventure filled holiday it is advisable to study maps that provide comprehensive stuff on the mountaineering trails in India. Mountaineering equipment is locally available along with the other support resources and short-term courses in most cases.

Mountaineering is an ideal activity during the summers that lets you escape from the heat of the plains. However, one should avoid the summers as landslides are experienced in several parts of India due to the heavy rains. Some of the best mountaineering spots can be found in the Garhwal and Kumaon regions, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, and the North-East. Num and Kun, and the Zanskar range in Jammu and Kashmir are renowned summits with the mountaineers. Besides amateur mountaineers, technical climbing skills are put to test at Kishtawar at peaks that are as high as 6,500 m above ground level. Lahaul and Spiti in Leh, and the Kullu valley also have several challenging peaks. In India the peaks are categorized into open', 'virgin', 'border', 'trekking', and 'others' and you can make several choices in each category.


Water Sports
The Himalayas offer you some of the toughest and most exciting river runs in the world. River sports in the rapids arRaftinge the most popular, throughout the summers and can really get your adrenaline pumping. The coastal regions provide excellent opportunities for water sports like water skiing, wind surfing, yachting, snorkeling and scuba diving.

India has earned a reputation as one of the best destinations in the world for White water Rafting. Its rushing waters, coming from the glaciers of the mighty Himalayas, offer matchless thrills for rafting and immersing oneself in the landscape. A rafting trip is bound to be the highlight of your stay in India.

India has a multitude of rivers and abundance of locations that are perfect for white water rafting. Most of the water rafting destinations are located in the Himalayas, and the River Ganges is the most popular of them all. Several camps are organized along the 70-km stretch from Rishikesh to Devprayag to Rapids have been graded according to the difficulty of their run. The rivers Yamuna, Alaknanda, Tons, Mandakini, Kalisor, Bhilangana and Bhagirathi offer many stretches, for both professionals as well as amateur rafters. Ranges in Ladakh and Sikkim also offer great river stretches for rafting.

There is no particular best time during which rafting activity can be undertaken in India since the flow and fury of various rivers are individual. However, on the whole the months from May to November are the best months for the adventure seekers to indulge in rafting.

Further in South, you can enjoy water adventures along both the west and the east coasts of India. The islands of Andaman and Nicobar in the Bay of Bengal and Lakshadweep in the Indian Ocean are virtually untouched and are some of the best spots for scuba diving and snorkeling. The beaches of Goa and Kerala also offer other sporting opportunities like water skiing, wind surfing and sailing. The best months for water sports are October and March.

Scuba Dive or snorkel Bay of Bengal at Andman and Nicobar islands or Arabian Sea at Lakshadweep group of islands. The crystal clear waters Indian coasts and shores promise charming scuba diving and snorkeling destinations that will leave you completely mesmerized. The rich sea life in India offers an array of opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling. Apart from the already well-known scuba destinations, there are abundant sites, which are waiting to be explored.


Skiing in India has gradually become quiet attention grabbing sport because of the Himalayas. This would be an ultimate holiday destination for any adventure sport of your choice.

In India there are many favorable destinations like Jammu and Kashmir, the hills of Kumaon, Himachal Pradesh, and the North-Eastern states of India, which have become favorite ski hideouts for skiing enthusiasts. Gulmarg is the ultimate beginner's skiing resort. This high altitude adventure sport is an ideal escape from the summers of the plains. The heat and dust are replaced with the cool environs of the happy hills. With the ever-increasing number of skiing enthusiasts, the skiing slopes in India have improved with time. Tourists not only from India but also from all over the world are trained for skiing here. The increased facilities are easily available and are affordable in the major skiing spots in India.


In almost every part of India, there is a variety of trekking adventure options awaiting the trekker, some soft, oTrekkingthers not so. In this vast wonderland, trekking itineraries from one to four weeks or more provide endless opportunities for discovery for the trekker. Among the high altitude regions of Indian Himalayas, reality becomes a dream. Trekking in India is an unforgettable experience as it not only let you to experience the unexplored trails made by nature, but also bring the visitor directly in touch with the country and its people and helps you to appreciate the mountain environment.

The concept of adventure sports in India came into vogue after the development of the various Hill stations all over India by the British. These hill stations served the base from where treks were undertaken. After that with the introduction of the base camp it became easy for the adventurers to explore the neighboring areas on their own. This resulted in the growing number of professional. Today, trekking is resorted to by many people.

India is home to the Himalaya, the "abode of snows". It is well known in every corner of the world as the homeland of some of the highest mountains peaks of the world. It offers a great concentration of high snow capped mountains. Apart from enjoying the amazing beauty of these peaks, you will have the opportunities to climb some of these peaks. A trek in India is a special and rewarding mountain holiday. So, it's of no coincidence that India is a spectacular adventure destination especially among the trekkers. No mountain lover can resist the temptation of having a trek in the verdant slopes of Himalayas. Trekking in India will take you through a country that has captured the imagination of mountaineers and explorers for a long time. You will come in close contact with the culture of the people residing in the remote villages.

Trekking during the monsoons should be avoided by the amateur trekkers. Low altitude trekking can be undertaken during the months of February / March and April / May is best suited for high-altitude trekking in the Himalayas. If you want enjoy trekking in South India, then proceed towards the Western Ghats from December to April. The weather is clear and scenic beauty of this region is heart soothing.

The Western Himalayas covering the states of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, and Uttaranchal form a major trekking area in India. It is followed by the Eastern Himalayas covering Darjeeling in West Bengal and the North-Eastern states of Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh. The areas around Gangotri and Yamunotri and those below the Kumaon region are also famous for trekking.


Wildlife Wildlife  SafariSafari
Wildlife safaris in India are an exciting holiday option for those who want to get more close to nature. These wildlife safaris will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city life amidst nature. India offers an amazingly large number of animals and birds in its various wildlife sanctuaries and conservation parks. You would wake up to a clear and pristine early morning dawn, and the sound of chirping birds. Nature is as it is an unending discovery, and each wildlife safari will lay bare so many facets that when you come to the end of your safari you will hope to return soon for yet another exciting adventure.

Nothing is as incredible as the elephant back to watch the wildlife. From the vantage point atop the elephant the eyes can see into the distance. The height of the animal allows a clear view and it gives you a great sense of security, the rolling gait adds to the enjoyment. Expert guides with in-depth knowledge of the wildlife area accompany these wildlife safaris to make things simpler for you. You can choose your own pick from the various trails for the most exciting, enchanting, and enthralling experience in wildlife adventure in India.


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